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​​      Hiring a DJ (or DJ company) is a decision which should be made with deliberation. This is because DJs (or DJ companies) are not all the same when it comes to skill, musical knowledge, musical ability, quality of service, etc . . . These days, the market is saturated and the internet is filled with people who offer "DJ" services. Some charge a small amount, while others charge moderate to substantially large amounts of money. The public should be aware that there's a big difference between people who are only "trying to make a quick buck" vs an authentic DJ company/organization which offers quality service. The latter has far more value. DJing is a culture and an art form which should be left to those who truly practice the craft (not with those who discredit, misrepresent, and exploit it). Cheap DJs aren't good, and good DJs aren't cheap . . .


      Purchasing DJ service can be similar to purchasing a car, hiring an attorney, or getting your home air conditioning repaired. Like any other business's products or services, it's going to cost money and you do get what you pay for. Hiring a low cost 'budget DJ' can leave you feeling cheap and unsatisfied in the end. The reason their prices are so low is because the service they provide is substandard. The truth is that they're a dime a dozen and in many respects, not even worthy of the "DJ" title. On the other hand, hiring a more expensive DJ can make a substantial difference as far as over-all quality is concerned. The money is going to someone whose dedicated lots of energy, resources, and years to his/her craft. In short, you're paying for expertise. 

      As you can see, there's much more to DJ service than just showing up and playing music. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes prior to an actual event. Examples: the pre-event planning stage, the pre-event music gathering stage, the transportation stage, etc . . . All of these things are time consuming and costly. With Track Masters, a quote for 2-5 hours of our basic DJ service generally starts around $500. This covers the client's event as well as all of the event related expenses and behind the scenes work​ that must be done in order to make your event possible and a success. Note: this dollar amount is only a rough estimate and is not a fixed price for all events (because every event and situation is different).

 ​     Besides the 2-5 hours length of playing music at your event, many other hours of work and effort are put into the producing and preparing process. Things like meeting (and correspondence) with the client(s), checking out the venue, figuring out the music for the event, preparing the music for the event, traveling to the event, traveling back from the event, setting-up the equipment before the event, disassembling the equipment after the event, (requiring additional staff members for) carrying and moving around extremely heavy pieces of equipment, etc . . . should all be considered as part of the service when hiring this DJ company for your event.

      After contacting us, we will set up an appointment to meet with you and to really discuss your event. During this consultation, we'll discuss all the details: such as the services that we offer, what we can (and can't) do for you, what you can and shouldn't expect (so that there's no ambiguity), plus all the other things related to providing DJ entertainment service for your upcoming event including the price.


      As mentioned before, every event and situation is different. The price of your upcoming event or party can differ based on varying factors. These factors can include: number of guests, location of venue, traveling distance to and from the venue, number of hours service is requested for, time of day/night, security, etc . . . Naturally, a party or event for 30-50 people will cost less than one for 100-200 people. An easily accessible venue will cost less than one which is more difficult to reach. A venue 5-10 miles away will cost less than a venue 30-50 miles away. A 2-3 hour event will cost less than a 5-6 hour event. An early morning event (for example around 9am) may cost more than an afternoon or nighttime event since our staff needs to begin work very early in the morning. Depending on the security situation at an event, we may need to provide security which can understandably raise the cost.


      As far as payment is concerned, there's two main ways to pay for service. The first is for our client to pay for the event him/herself. The second is for the client to collect funds from each and every guest who will be attending, and then forward the payment over to us. For example: Let's say there's 100 guests. The client (or person in charge) can collect $10 from each person, combine it to make $1000, and submit the payment that way. This makes it easier for the event to be possible, since one person isn't paying for the entire service out of his/her own pocket.