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our story


     DJ Prophecy, a long time DJ/turntablist decided to launch Track Masters in 2013. He founded the organization in order to serve several different purposes (e.g.): as a platform for DJs and turntablists to practice their trade, as an organization meant to represent the culture so that it can thrive, and as a way for fans to enjoy the art.

     Before he actually became "DJ Prophecy", he set out to learn as much as possible about DJing and turntablism. This meant learning about the music as well as different styles and techniques. When he was growing up, there was virtually no place(s) or person(s) for him to turn to in order to get a better grasp of the art. He wanted to become an excellent DJ, however this was going to be an uphill struggle. He literally had to learn and piece everything together from 'scratch' (no pun intended).

     By eventually progressing unto professional equipment, he now had a hands on application for his passion. This began the next phase of the learning process (e.g.): collecting the necessary music on vinyl as well as mastering the skills needed on the wheels of steel. As the years went by, his improvement and evolution was steady. He was beginning to "rock the party". During this time, he found himself around major, legendary figures within the industry and at incredible events.

     Years later . . . DJ Prophecy founded Track Masters as a testament to his love for, efforts toward, time spent on, and dedication to - the art of DJing and turntablism. Not only did he initiate this energetic company, but he's also responsible for the overall design, content, and concept. This young and growing organization is still in the process of breaking through. Anyone interested in this organization is welcome to contact us. In case you're in this line of business and would like to be a part of our movement, feel free to reach out to us.

     At Track Masters, our goals are: 1) to provide a safe party environment for our clients (and their guests) 2) to provide quality DJ entertainment services 3) to represent the art form of DJing (and turntablism) 4) to educate the public regarding the DJ culture (and history) 5) to be a positive influence in the community at large.